Monday 12/14

14 Dec

This past Saturday was Santacon = a full day of bar hopping in Santa costumes.


Santacon this year was great for poverexia because the day full of drinking made me forget about hunger.  All day on Saturday I hopped around from bar to bar scoring free beers and shots of Peppermint Schnapps with chocolate syrup from random strangers.  I guess we did stop by a restaurant at some point and ordered some chicken fingers and potato skins with the entire group, but 1 chicken finger and 2 potato skins later I was completely full for the rest of the day.  YESSS.

This was a huge improvement from Santacon last year which was the most anti-poverexic experience I had in 2008 when I got completely blackout, threw up a really nice fish taco dinner that K had bought me to thank me for letting her stay at my place, and wasn’t able to stomach any food or drinks for the remainder of the night at a holiday party with amazing-looking food and at a $75 open-bar charity event that I had already bought tickets for.  What an embarrassing performance, and all because of Santacon.

This year was much better.

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