Wednesday 12/23

23 Dec

Best all-staff email ever today from CFO’s admin:

SUBJECT:  pizza for lunch today?

BODY:  Please let me know by 12 pm noon today if you’d like pizza for a 1 pm lunch in the café from CFO A.

GASPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP THIS IS THE NICEST GESTURE EVER FROM CFO A, HE IS MY FAV C-SUITE!!!!!!!!!  The pizza came a little late (but no worries), and apparently there was enough pizza for everyone to have 2 slices, so I naturally calculated that to mean most of the girls would just take 1 slice, so I took the liberty of grabbing 2 slices now and a 3rd slice shortly thereafter.

I was trying to spread out my eating schedule as I usually do, so it was like 3pm by the time I got around to heating up my 3rd slice in the toaster oven.  I was excitedly waiting for the oven to go pop when CFO A walks into the kitchen, catches me heating up my pizza slice, and comments “Still eating?”  GASP he totally caught me off guard but he was like god to me at this point.  I must have thanked him like 5 times for “making my day” with this “incredible pizza, I was so hungry, this was so nice of you.”  Apparently word about my incred eating habits had made its way up the company ladder to the EVPs, partners and C-suites (in a positive, “this L girl is hilarious” way), so CFO A wasn’t surprised at all by the way I reacted to his kind gesture.

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