Thursday 12/24

24 Dec

Last night I rejected a free meal.  S invited us over for a pre-Christmas Eve feast of turkey and ham galore, and I just couldn’t make it.  That’s when I know I’m REALLY sick.  The dinner was at 8pm, and I was in bed by 7:45pm.  This is so pathetic.  Now I am really regretting that free lunch from boss J.  That may have been the worst idea in the history of my life.  Now I’m declining other free meals left and right.  And I had to spend over $8 on Tylenol Cold that could have been better spent on 1.5 Tasty King Lunch Specials.  This whole thing is so not to my benefit!!!!!

The only thing that’s making me feel better is the very generous $25 gift certificate to Whole Foods from my sister that I found in the mail.  BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!  How does everyone know the best gift you could ever give me is food.  I am so psyched about this.  I wish Santa existed so he could bring me free delivery every single day for the rest of my life.  Now that would be a REAL Christmas miracle.

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