Sunday 12/27

27 Dec

Yesterday, I didn’t finish my Tasty King house special soup.  I am a SICK human being.  Absolutely disgusting.  If I saw me today, I wouldn’t recognize me.  Unbelievable, but yesterday I could only stomach half of my house special soup, then I tried to finish the rest later and just couldn’t, so I had no other option but to throw it out.  I really have mixed feelings about the past several days of illness… I unnecessarily throw out food, yet at the same time, I have only been eating one soup for the entire day for like 4 days straight, combined with a carton of Tropicana OJ a day and like 5 different kinds of meds and vitamins and preventatives.  I am so full of water weight right now.

On a related note, check out these very fitting cartoons from CollegeHumor that describe my life:

College Humor 1

College Humor 2

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