Sunday 1/10/10

10 Jan

This weekend was absolutely incred.  It all started out with an amazing Friday afternoon at work where admin A gave us the heads up that there were 3 client meetings going on that day with both breakfast and lunch foods.  JACKPOT!!!!!!!!  Coworker K and I, who sit right next to admin A, were designated as the team leaders for heading up this scouting effort and responsible for alerting the rest of the team when each of the meetings were finished.  Our office works on a first-come-first-serve basis, and I’m always first.  This Friday afternoon I scored a bagel and a plate full of strawberries from the breakfast meeting, and then 2 sliders, a mini salami sandwich, a mini turkey sandwich, and a mini tomato mozzarella sandwich, bowtie pasta, a plate of salad, 2 diet Cokes and 3 vanilla cookies from the lunch meetings.  I really did a great job of securing a well balanced meal for myself that day.

Then on Friday night I met my puta J for “dinner,” which really just meant that J would eat dinner and I would just sit there and drink with her.  We met at Republic, though, and the menu just looked so good and I felt like a real girl not eating at the table, so I decided to order a $4 pork bruschetta.  We ended up eating and drinking for like 3 hours and then decided to go crash S’s date with some dude who claimed to be an FBI agent (uh huh) at this really nice French restaurant nearby.  Then circa 2am it was off to meet F and roommates at Solas, where F bought me beers and shots all night long because he is a generous man and is not poverexic.  Shots shots shots shots if you ain’t gettin drunk get the fuck out the club!!!

Saturday was the day I was really waiting for — M’s birthday party.  This party was a train wreck in a really great way.  We started out at W’s apartment for a pregame consisting of the most impressive spread of foods I’ve ever seen at a pregame, which of course constituted my dinner.

Pregame Food

And the most adorable cupcakes ever from Cupcakes by Melissa:

Mini Cupcakes

I felt like I was in a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

This food was all accompanied by celebratory drinks funded by M’s dad J, who was generous enough to provide each of us there with our own bottle of prosecco, which really turned out to be serious bad news several hours later.  After an incred pregame, we all headed over to The Anchor, where M’s dad J again gifted us with table service and yet another bottle of champagne.  Within 30 minutes we were the sloppiest group of dancers anyone had ever seen in their lives, I was on a seriously aggressive mission to find men, and everyone had so much fun that none of us remembered what the hell happened the next morning.  I then proceeded to throw up a bottle of prosecco into the toilet this morning and attempted to settle my tummy with 3 cans of diet Coke.

Happy Birthday, M.  And thanks M’s dad J.

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