Wednesday 1/6/10

6 Jan

Last night I came home and remembered how much I had missed my roommates — it had practically been since before Christmas that I had seen them.  It was negative 50 degrees outside and I come home to the smell of homemade soup simmering on the stove with 2 huge bottles of wine next to the TV.  Roommate M was making his specialty tomato soup that’s apparently super healthy and simple — it’s literally just tomatoes and onions and a bunch of spices including basil, salt and pepper.  With a dollop of creme fraiche of course.  I’VE BEEN SO HEALTHY LATELY!!!

Then roommate M asks me the oddest question ever: “Do you want just a grilled cheese sandwich, or do you want a grilled cheese sandwich with bacon?”

UHHHHHHHH do I want a $10 bill or do I want a $100 bill?!?!??!  I mean what kind of question is that?!??!?!  UHHHHHHH HAROOOOO PREASSSEEEEEE.

Grilled cheese with tomato soup

And as if grilled cheese bacon sandwich dipped in fresh tomato soup with creme fraiche wasn’t good enough, roommate L then comes out of the kitchen with a plate full of delicious little babies:



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