Thursday 1/14/10

14 Jan

Yesterday was a day full of pizza and cupcakes!  At noon I had this “diversity meeting” to discuss diversity.  I thought they had just picked out all the minorities at the office and pulled them into a room, but when I got to the meeting I was literally the only minority out of a group of 6 people.  Don’t know why I was surprised by this since the entire PR industry is just young pretty white girls.  I only fit 2 out of those 3 criteria.  Guess which 2.

Anyway, so we sat around discussing diversity for an hour which mainly meant me voicing my opinion at every question being like “No, I don’t think our company is diverse.  Everyone at our office is a young blond white girl, and I am only 2 of those,” and everyone else agreeing.  But the best part of this entire meeting was the boxes and boxes of pizza, which was clearly left untouched by all the girls at the meeting and consumed solely by ME.

Then I came home to some dericious pizza cupcakes made by roommate M for dinner, followed by dericious red velvet cupcakes made by roommate K for dessert.  I felt like I was on Wheel of Fortune, category: Before and After.  Riddle: What all did I eat today?

Pizza — Pizza Cupcakes — Cupcakes

Before and After!  Da na na naaaaaaaa!

And then here’s a lovely limerick composed by roommate M about us:

four roomies enjoyed pizza cupcakes
as much as they like cooking up steaks
poverexic at times
and saving their dimes
until they could eat away their stomachs

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