Sunday 1/17/10

18 Jan

I did okay for myself this weekend.  I scored quite a lot of free food over the weekend, and I’m trying to think how I will make that last another day given I don’t have work tomorrow.  On Friday S suggested dinner to A, B and me, which of course meant that only S and A would be eating food, and B (the anorexic) and I (the poverexic) would only be drinking booze.  I didn’t really want to go since I kinda have a policy against going out to dinners (my policy is I don’t do that), but I decided to go since I hadn’t seen the group in a while and I knew I could score some free bites from S and A.  So I accompanied them for dinner while B sat talking about how he had to go back to the gym first thing in the morning and I drank 2 glasses of Malbec and stole bites of steak and ceviche from S and A.

Saturday was a really painful day, not so much because of the hangover but more so because I had to make it to my coworker’s engagement party on 168th St and Broadway.  UM KILL MYSELF.  I hadn’t gone above 33rd in like a year for good reason.  Anyway I had to trek up there because I am a good coworker and because I was lured by promises of eggs, pancakes and mimosas.  I’m not sure I would go as far as to say the trip was worth it given it was over an hour commute each way from Stuy Town, but I was really impressed by the fact that the engagement brunch was not just your typical eggs, pancakes and mimosas.  The mimosas had fresh strawberries in them, the scrambled eggs had cheddar cheese and pepper and salt in them, and the pancakes had freshly ground cinnamon and fresh bananas in them — I had never seen anything like it!  I am continually so impressed by people who have the ability to make things from scratch and have the courage to use fresh ingredients.

Saturday night was another win when roommate L decided to cook the thickest cut of steak I have ever seen in my life — it was literally an entire side of a cow — and the thickest bacon strips I have ever seen in my life.  It felt like Peter Lugar in the comfort of my own home, except even better because the bacon strips weren’t served on a plate — they were served in super strong bloody mary’s, which may explain how 4 roommates went through a huge handle of vodka in one night.  And then the night continued with free goodies when we hung out with some Bloomberg boys who bought us drinks the entire night.  Needless to say, the night ended poorly and with poor recollection.

Today the alcohol woke me up early and led me to make the biggest mistake ever of deciding to branch out and get something that wasn’t Tasty King.  HUGE MISTAKE.  Ugh, I am so disappointed every time I branch out.  This is why I hardly ever do it.  Instead of my usual $5 lunch special chicken and broccoli with white rice and wonton soup, I got this $6 beef over noodle soup lunch special with wonton soup and fried rice from Mee Noodle, which I thought I remembered as being super dericious when I had eaten there once a year ago.  It was soooooo not worth the extra $1, and I didn’t even get my fried rice with the lunch special and when I called Mee Noodle to complain, the Asian lady yelled Asian at me for like 10 minutes explaining how the noodles don’t come with a side of fried rice and then I yelled back at her in my Asian voice for another 10 minutes that her restaurant was SOOOOOOO not better than Tasty King.

That was really my only financial loss of the weekend, though, so I’m doing okay.

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