Sunday 1/24/10

24 Jan

Got the most EXCITING EMAIL EVER from LP on Thursday:

Buy one brunch, get one free

HOLY CRAP WHAT THE WHAAAAAAAAAAA!??!????!?!  HOW DID YOU EVEN COME ACROSS THIS AND WHY ARE YOU SO NICE TO INVITE ME?!?!??!??!?!  I couldn’t even believe it.  I had walked by City Crab a million times and always wanted to go because I love seafood and I had never been able to go because I don’t eat out at restaurants.  We made a reservation for Sunday (today) at 12:30pm — while this would cut into my usual Tasty King time, I knew this was going to be worth it.

This morning I woke up at 10am disgusted after having painfully suffered through the oddest, gayest hookup experience I’d ever gone through in my entire life and proceeded to wake roommate K up to tell her the ridiculous 20-minute story, then caught roommate L as he was coming home from an almost-equally terrible hookup experience and proceeded to tell him the ridiculous 20-minute story, then got to City Crab at 12:30pm to meet LP and C and proceeded to tell them the ridiculous 20-minute story.  I had never been so irritated in my life and there was nothing better to calm my fury than with a free seafood brunch.  And boy was the free brunch worth it:

Crabmeat omelette

I got an incredibly delicious omelette with crabmeat, spinach, tomatoes and fontina, with a side of potatoes and toast, all accompanied by a basket of mini muffins and mini breads.  I cleaned my plate over more amusing weekend stories while LP finished her scrambled eggs and left bits of tomato and all 4 of her slices of toast on her plate and C picked at her grilled chicken sandwich and left half of the baguette and all of her side of fries on her plate.  After about an hour, the waiter came by and started to take C’s plate of leftover baguette and fries.  DON’T YOU DARE TAKE THAT PLATE AWAY.  So in addition to a free brunch, I scored all of C’s fries as well.  Thanks to LP and C, my incredible Sunday morning totally made up for my unfortunate Saturday night.

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