Monday 2/1/10

1 Feb

LAST NIGHT WAS INCRED.  VERIZON IS THE BEST COMPANY IN THE WORLD.  When we moved apartments within Stuy Town in November, I was considered a “new Verizon customer” since I was signing onto Fios again at a new address, and we got a $150 PRE-PAID CARD FOR BECOMING A VERIZON CUSTOMER.  GASP!!!!!!!!!!  ❤ Verizon and their $150 prepaid cards and their 3-months-HBO/Cinemax-for-free deals!!!!!!!

The prepaid card was scheduled to arrive 3 months after we signed up for service, and the card finally arrived a week ago.  IT WAS A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!!!!!!!  Of course my roommates and I decided to use it immediately.  We made reservations at this restaurant Prune in the East Village that roommate L had been wanting to go to, and this is what we treated ourselves to.




OMG I had so many animal parts that night — the bone marrow was buttery deliciousness that just melted in my mouth, and the veal heart gave me strength and power like Maryann from True Blood.  The sea bass was incred but what I really should have gotten was the duck that roommates L and K got that was literally plump perfection.  It was the best tasting duck I had ever gotten a bite of, and this was the first time I had ever witnessed K finishing her entire plate (dammit).

Thanks to Verizon I had the best meal I’d had since J’s wedding.

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