Tuesday 3/30/10

30 Mar

Chag sameach!  I love passover because it usually means when there’s leftover meeting food, none of my Jewish coworkers can touch it MUAH HA HA!  However, today there were unfortunately no leftover sandwiches for me and the non-Jews to take advantage of.  So instead I took 4 sheets of matzo from Jewish coworker A and spread some almond butter on them that ex-coworker J had gifted to me when she left the company 2 months ago, and I ate that for breakfast and lunch.

I told another Jew friend A about this, who responded the following.  Coworker A and friend A actually have the same name but with an extra letter and pronounced differently and it’s completely confusing.  I get it wrong every time.

A: almond butter

that’s a good idea
i had mine with spray butter
not as good

mmmmmmm spray butttteeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr

Speaking of Jew, roommate L is coming home today from a weekend spent in Boston, and you know what that means.  ROOMMATE TASTY KING DINNER OVER LOST!!!

Here’s what roommate L discovered today:

Lisa’s internal Math:

roommate leaves for weekend + roommate comes back after weekend = Tasty King
Every Saturday and Sunday = Tasty King
Any event out of ordinary + Day during the week which is not Sat or Sun = Tasty King
Tasty King + The decision to try something new = Tragedy
Tasty King + boneless spare ribs or any soup combination = Happiness
Happiness = Tasty King
If inserting the Law that nothing can equal Tasty King, nor can Tasty King be included in any form of addition, then the following.
Every Sat and Sunday = Try to Bone
Any event out of the ordinary = Try to Bone
The Decision to try something new = AIDS
The decision to stick with what has worked in the past = Sore Vag (hopefully)
Happiness = Bone
Tragedy = Non Bone
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