Sunday 3/28/10

28 Mar

These past 2 weeks in March have been absolutely incred at work.  It really HAS been March Madness, but to me March Madness means an entire month with a SHIT TON OF FOOD IT’S MADNESS!!!!!!!!  I literally have not had to buy a single meal for myself (lunch or dinner) for essentially 2 straight weeks.  What I think is really going on is that there have been a lot of new people joining our office in March, so I think the company is trying to impress them and make them think “wow this place is so AWESOME!!!” by presenting them with a shit ton of food.  Every day there have been meetings with sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salad, fruit, cookies, etc etc etc.  AND I TAKE ALL OF IT.

On both Monday and Tuesday there were lunch meetings with PIZZA and beer (Monday from Papa Johns, Tuesday from Domino’s), so I shoved 3 slices in my mouth during the “meetings” (don’t even know what they were about) and took 1 slice to go.  The trick is to really express interest to your team about the “meetings” and pretend that you’re not at all going for the food.  Although by now my team can see right through it…

“Hey, I’ll be back in about an hour — I really want to go to this presentation on X; it sounds like it could really benefit our business.  I’ll report back to the team.”

“You’re just going for the pizza aren’t you.”

…………………………….. dammit.  They know me too well.

On Wednesday we had an all-staff meeting with sliders, mini jalapeno cheese biscuits with pulled pork, spicy chicken on a stick, fried chicken on a stick, crabcakes, chips and guac/salsa and 5 different kinds of beer.  I was actually luckily in that same meeting room right before for another meeting, so I got a great head start on all that food.  Also that same day I discovered a beautiful array of leftovers sandwiches and penne pasta with cherry tomatoes and mozzarella, so I took a big plateful of food from both mounds and saved both plates for the rest of the week (they lasted through Friday dinner).

On Thursday my new boss took me out to lunch to discuss my “career goals” and what I wanted in life.  UM WHAT I WANT IN LIFE IS TO ACTUALLY MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO WHERE I CAN ACTUALLY AFFORD TO EAT 2 HEALTHY MEALS A DAY.  Is that seriously too much to ask for.  I’m not even asking for breakfast.  At least I got a huge healthy salad with red and yellow beets, yellow squash, cauliflower and tomatoes for free that day.

Great week.

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