Monday 4/5/10

5 Apr

Tomorrow is LOST and it’s become our weekly tradition for the twins to cook dinner and for roommate K and I to bring home beer.  Tomorrow I will bring home the kill.

me: tomorrow for lost watching i want to buy food – it has long been my turn
what do you think of rabbit tartare!??!??!?!?
combining our 2 passions?!??!
L: WhaaaaaaaaaWHAAAAA
is that even possible
me: i don’t know, is it
i ask you
L: let me check
me: dammit! why?!??!
L: there is not one match on google
me: wtf
i mean
i have had venison tartare
L: it makes sense
but rabbit is like a rodent
me: ew don’t say that please
L: also, i dont know where to buy rabbit
me: wherever K bought it
maybe i can buy both rabbit and steak
and we can cook the rabbit and tartare the steak
is that too effortful on your part. since i will not be the one preparing the food.
L: nothing is too effortful
i love cooking
me: ok so i will buy rabbit and steak
L: i will figure out a way to cook it
me: wait what
we have already cooked rabbit before
L: nope, that’s why i’m going to find a way how
me: wait what
we did, like 2 weeks ago remember
K bought rabbit and you cooked it and you said it was the best thing you had ever cooked in your life
L: K bought duck
never rabbit
ok that’s what i meant then
they are all the same deliciousness to me
L: that shit is crazy good
me: i can’t believe i remembered that as rabbit
L: hahahahahah
i can
because in your mind it’s all one animal
me: hahahhahah yes
an animal called Mr. Dericious

Speaking of dericious, friends spent the weekend at a wedding with the most incred sounding food.  Unfortunately for me, this was the 3rd wedding I have been disinvited from in my life.  Why this keeps happening to me is beyond me.

me: was there steak
puffy tacos?
F: corn souflee, beef wellington, little gorditas, sweet potato fries
crab seviche in a halved avocado
F: shrimp something, carnitas and tortillas, cactus shaped cakes… blue bell ice cream cart with waffle bowls
me: WHAT GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F: some crazy mushroom sautee station with other veggies… top notch bar… and a mojito station
me: O !!!
M !!!
G !!!
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