Wednesday 4/14/10

14 Apr

Raw steak eating continues at Apt 4F.

Aware of my love for steak tartare, A gives me a brilliant suggestion.

A: yo, if you are ever thinking of going to an ethiopean restaurant I would recommend trying tere kitfo

and is it cheap
A: it’s a dish of rare seasoned ground beef
me: oh
i thought you were recommending a restaurant
A: it’s good, took 2 times for me to get used to it, but i don’t like steak tartare but tere kitfo has more flavor and less light vinegar shit flavor, it comes with some mitmitah, a hot powder seasoning
just be on the look out for kitfo or tere kitfo (tere means raw/rare) next time you think of ethiopean
me: YOU DON’T LIKE STEAK TARTARE!??!??!??!?!??!?!?!??!

I of course immediately forwarded this to roommate L, who had the same reaction as I did:  WHAT FRIEND DO YOU HAVE WHO DOESN’T LIKE STEAK TARTARE!?!??!??!?!  Then us curious cats – or more accurately curious kitties – decided to give it a try.  And by us giving it a try, I mean roommate L decided to test his culinary skills and make it, while roommates M, K and I just sat on the couch and ate the entire bowl.

AND LET ME TELL YOU.  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY INCRED.  I have no idea why it took A “2 times to get used to it.”  I just met it and I loved it.  It’s literally just like steak tartare but the meat is more mushed, like roommate L put it into a blender — it was a delicious meat smoothie!!!

Tere Kitfo

Apparently the traditional way to eat this dish is to just eat the raw meat with your raw hands.  Totally my style!

And as if the night couldn’t get any better, roommate L decides to gift us not only with the kitfo but also with the bestest song in the world that he composed and recorded for us… and for Tasty King.

Don\’t Let Me Fall

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