Thursday 5/20/10

20 May

Had an in-person client meeting at our office today, and YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS.  FREE BREAKFAST AND LUNCH.  It was so great.  Had bagels and fruit and freshly squeezed OJ for breakfast, followed by an array of sandwiches, salad, pasta and cookies/brownies, accompanied by endless Diet Coke.  I have no idea what our team got out of that unproductive meeting, but I sure know I got plenty out of that meeting.

PLUS!  Last night when the clients came in, we were invited to a product launch party at SPiN New York hosted by their ad agency.  And by “invited” I mean apparently the ad agency invited every other partner agency in NY except for us, but our male client who likes us invited us anyway, so we went anyway.  I love crashing parties, and because the invite said “casual dress,” coworker A and I deliberately dressed up in our most “hot yet professional” dresses because clients like pretty people, and we knew everyone else there was going to be in jeans.  The PR girls are always the prettiest out of all the advertising, media buy and digital agency people, hence why we’re never invited to parties hosted by partner agencies.

So the party was just one big ping pong tournament (which I did surprisingly well in), but I got distracted by all the free booze at the bar, the mini burgers with caramelized onions, sliced pork sandwiches, roast beef sandwiches, caramel popcorn in cones, and ice cream sandwiches with coffee ice cream sandwiched between two really big chocolate chip cookies.  It was one hell of a party.

But what REALLY made the party was when towards the end of the night I look over to my right, and standing there was JUDAH FRIEDLANDER OF 30 ROCK.  I nearly choked on my ice cream sandwich when I suddenly gasped in a gust of air.  I was almost as excited as this black dude was about Wendy’s:

Wendy's SoNnNnNnN

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