Sunday 5/23/10

23 May

VH1’s Best Week(end) Ever.

Went on a date with Judah Friedlander of 30 Rock on Friday, and it was incred.  He was wearing his WORLD CHAMPION t-shirt and CAMPEON DEL MUNDO hat.  We went to this small Mexican restaurant in the East Village, and while the chips and guac/salsa were ehhhhh, hearing about Judah’s life and book and comedy career made up for it.  After a good hour or so, we parted ways as he ran off to go do another comedy show, and I ran off to Crocodile Lounge for D’s birthday where they serve you free pizza with every drink you buy.  What a friendly, friendly place.

Then Saturday was SS’s pre-birthday, which is when anti-poverexia began.  We started off the night with dinner at Republic where I got BBQ pork over vermicelli noodles and a pitcher of frozen lychee martini.  We then proceeded to attempt to get into PDT but realized the cap was 3 people for walk-in and we had 4, so instead we tried to go to Solas then got too lazy to be in a standing bar because my heels were killing me and I really needed to sit, so we went right next door to this awesome hookah place with really incompetent waiters.  Let’s just say we all ended the night with a really strong hookah buzz and were not looking forward to waking up the next morning before noon.

Good thing SS made brunch reservations at 1pm, which allowed me to still not die in the morning and enjoy a lovely brunch at Bar Breton of eggs benedict with smoked salmon, mixed greens, home fries, a side of french fries, and a nutella shake that came in a jar with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top.

Eggs Benedict

Nutella Shake

I then continued to eat SR’s leftover galette with spinach and feta and made a really strong attempt to finish SS’s leftover sundried tomato and spinach omelet but failed because she had literally dumped an entire bottle of Tabasco sauce on the poor omelet and had showered it with black pepper.  I guess that’s what happens when you grow up on Indian food.

The day is still young and more foodventures await me tonight for the series finale of LOST.  Of course my roommates and I were planning to enjoy the finale at home on our comfortable couch over Tasty King, but S insisted we go over to his place where he was hosting a LOST party.  “How can I convince you and the twins to come over to our place for the finale,” he kept asking.

S, the answer is quite simple: get us something that is going to be significantly better than Tasty King (impossible task) and free to us, and we will become motivated to go 2 blocks over to your place.


Cottage for LOST

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