Monday 5/31/10

31 May

Memorial Day weekend was incred.  Went to D’s house in Sea Girt(h), NJ, which is literally a 1-minute walk from the beach.  I got so tan.  Tanning was only a tiny fraction of the weekend though — the rest of it was literally just drinking, eating, and playing rounds and rounds and rounds of asshole.

On Saturday afternoon SW the grillmaster starts grilling some burgers and I am like waahhhh I show yous a better way to make burgers: THE JUICY LUCY, or as I would say it, THE JUICY RUCY, or as SW re-named it, THE JRUICY.  So we made some thin patties, put a chunk of muenster cheese inside, mashed the edges together and created the most dericious JRUICY ever.  And then following that was SW’s very own spicy chicken sandwich with grilled veggies.  This was accompanied by endless cans of Bud Light.  I couldn’t stop drinking them, they were just so refreshing.

Then that night the entire group of 20 people went to Asahi Hibachi, or “BYOB Benihana’s.”  It was a complete shitshow, and I think we luckily scared the children at the next table away from us.  I got steak and shrimp and ordered the steak rare, which was good at the moment but bad news several hours later.  I wasn’t the only person who experienced this discomfort.  Anyway, the best part of dinner was by far when SD comes back from the bathroom to find a takeout box where he was sitting and he’s all like waaahhhhh this isn’t mine, I finished my entire plate <<opens box to check what it is>>  And there, delicately placed inside the takeout box, was a bottle of Smirnoff, courtesy of A.

Ohhhhhhhh shit SoNnNnNnNNNNNNNN you just got ICED!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the night was about 6 straight hours of asshole and drinking, which did not mix well with the rare hibachi steak.  It may have been the most beer I had consumed in a single day since college.  This continued until dawn when I finally passed out upright in a chair because all the beds and couches were already taken and the chair was more comfortable than the floor.

Sunday morning started out with some chorizo breakfast burritos, which were amazing but even worse news after an entire day and night of drinking.  The rest of the day consisted of some tanning at the beach, a lot more drinking, and then some sausages with peppers, meat lasagna and grilled pineapples with bacon on skewers for dinner … followed by even more rounds of asshole.

What a great weekend.

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