Wednesday 6/9/10

9 Jun

Was in SF over the past few days visiting bff K, and that usually means anti-poverexia to the MAX.  However, this particular trip was a great win for poverexia — free/cheap food every single day!

The first day was Union Street Festival on Sunday afternoon which meant an entire main street full of cheap beer gardens, free food samples and drunken Marina folk, which are my fav.

Union Street Festival

The place was an absolute shitshow on Saturday afternoon, and while Sunday was tamer, it just meant more booze and free food for the rest of us.  I got myself a huge plastic cup full of Miller Lite for $7 and started stalking each of the food booths for free food and each of the Union Street stores for free mimosas.  The best free things I scored that day were curry on naan and 3 mini containers of Sabra hummus with various toppings.

Monday was $1 oysters and $5 martinis at Mayes happy hour.  $1 oysters!!!!!!  Adam Richman of Man v. Food once took on a 180-oyster challenge, and I certainly think I could have beaten that challenge.  However, I didn’t have $180 on me, so instead I started out with 15 oysters and got another 5 after that, accompanied by a bloody mary.

$1 Oysters

Then!  The best day was Tuesday when K and I went to go finish up her wedding registry and then celebrated at Burger Bar.  Can’t leave SF without getting my burger.  So we sit down, and immediately out pops celebrity world famous chef Hubert Keller, who owns the restaurant and who I of course recognize from Top Chef Masters.  I have really been on a celeb roll lately.

I guess Hubert caught me staring because he comes over to our table and is the friendliest guy in the world — Hello ladies, how are you today?


Oh why thank you!  You ladies are lovely.  Let me treat you to some of my zucchini fritters and pickled jalapeno fritters!  On the house.

Fritters on the house!

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Best celebrity chef ever!!!!!!!!!  This was just the most perfect thing to ever happen, and they were absolutely delicious.

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