Sunday 6/13/10

13 Jun

This weekend was the most I’d ever done on a weekend in NYC since I can’t even remember.  My usual weekend routine is wake up at noon, order Tasty King with roommates, finish eating Tasty King with roommates over TV/movies, take nap from 3-9pm, wake up at 9pm, get ready and go out for the night.

I think Union Street Festival last week in SF motivated me to actually leave the apt and go do something this weekend.  Both Saturday and Sunday I left the apt during the day and went for brunch with the girls followed by some intense World Cup watching.  I haven’t actually given a shit about the teams that played Saturday/Sunday, but I do enjoy interacting with male soccer fans.  What I’m really waiting for are the Brasil games.

Following an entire Saturday of me being out and about, I was exhausted but committed to stay out and go to G’s rooftop party because I hadn’t seen G in a million years.  It was delightful to see him and hang; however, what was even more exciting was the endless cans of PBR and bottle of Absolut Brooklyn that we downed over the course of the night, followed by the several boxes of pizza that were ordered later on (all for free).  While I strongly dislike Brooklyn, I did quite enjoy Spike Lee’s apple and ginger vodka on the rocks.  I didn’t enjoy it all that much a few hours later when I hurled it all up in the bathroom, along with the spinach omelet that I had eaten for brunch.  I suppose that was a good sign of a good night.

Then on Sunday we stupidly attempted to get into Zum Schneider for the Germany v. Australia game, which was of course impossible.  The line was literally around the block.  So we went right next door to Arcane, which looked super disturbing with all its voodoo dolls hanging from the ceiling, but the food turned out to be fantastic.

Voodoo Dolls

They have one of the best brunch deals I’ve heard of in NYC, which is meal + OJ + coffee/tea + brunch cocktail for $9.95!!!!!!!!!!!  It was incred.  Most other places I’ve gone to are OJ OR coffee OR brunch cocktail but not all of it!!!!!!  This place is so kind.  Look how many beverages we had on our table between the three of us.  And the selection was impressive — not only did they have your typical mimosa, bellini and bloody mary, but they also had a rasperrini and a mangorini, which is what we ordered.


With the cutest idea for a cup of coffee:


The best part of the brunch other than watching all the crazed German fans sing songs in German was when roommate K puts down her fork after eating only half of her eggs benedict plate and gave me the rest.  Yesssssss.  This is why we are roommates.  That means today I had 1.5 eggs benedict brunches, 3 cups of coffee, a glass of OJ and a mangorini for $9.95, and it was all absolutely delicious and filling.

Eggs Benedict

Go Deutschland!!!

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