Sunday 6/20/10

20 Jun

Friday was date #2 with Judah Friedlander at Mole in LES, which was INCRED and much better than Paquitos where we went on date #1.  Earlier that day before I knew I was going on this date, I was starving for lunch and had ordered myself a huge lunch at the office of fresh shrimp rolls and bbq beef and spring rolls over vermicelli from my new fav Vietnamese takeout place Pho something.  Well that was a big mistake because I actually got uncomfortably full for lunch and wasn’t that hungry for dinner, but of course I can’t resist authentic carne asada tacos like these:


The carne asada tacos were awesome and I even got some refried beans and rice with them but thought beans were bad news for a Friday night so refrained.  Following dinner date at Mole I immediately had to run over to dinner #2 at Japonais for A’s farewell dinner to send her off to Beantown.  Since I’d just come from a dinner, I obvi didn’t order anything for myself at Japonais other than 2 delicious Geishas (lychee martinis) but scored some leftover duck from A and beef on stone from C:

Steak on Stone

A relatively poverexic-friendly Friday for me.

Saturday I spent literally all day tanning, ie sleeping outside on a blanket with a pillow, on the lovely Stuy Town lawn, and then today was Sunday Funday watching Brasil v. Ivory Coast at Professor Thom’s.  I was starving by the time I got there and was annoyed to find that there was apparently no waitress on duty, and the bartender was doing all the order-taking and serving, which I knew would slow down everything and would mean more work for me.  It all paid off, though, when the really nice hungover bartender acknowledged this was annoying for us and so picked up our first round of drinks instead, which meant free huge bloody mary for me and also a free extra fried egg on the burger that I had ordered:

Thom's Burger

I thought my burger was a good deal….. this is what arrived at our table when F ordered “appetizer” nachos, along with chicken wings and extra waffle fries:

Nacho Platter

A large platter of heaven on our Sunday Funday.

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