Sunday 7/18/10

18 Jul

My new job already sent me on a business trip my first week on the job… back to the homestate, Tejas.  I was excited at the thought of 5 straight days of expensed meals and a nice hotel room all to myself, but, let’s just say, boy am I glad to be back in NYC.  This was undoubtedly the worst work trip I had ever been on, and I didn’t even get any good food out of it, so ZERO points for poverexia.

Part of it was work’s fault because I was so fucking busy the entire time, I only got to go out to eat twice anyway and the rest of the time I just had to order room service or get food from the hotel bar.  The Marriott Riverwalk room service was terrible — I couldn’t even eat the chips and salsa because the salsa was way too hot (I sent it back), and the tortilla soup had a glop of guacamole in it — WHO PUTS GUACAMOLE IN TORTILLA SOUP!??!? YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO PUT FRESHLY CUT AVOCADO SLICES!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhhhhh

One of the nights I ordered steak tacos from the hotel bar and a prickly pear margarita, and this is what I get:

Marriott Riverwalk bar food

a) Those aren’t TACOS, they are like… NACHOS.  b) That margarita came in the biggest water-glass-size glass I’d ever seen a margarita come in, and I was like whoaaaa everything in Texas IS bigger, but then I downed the entire thing and did not feel the slightest buzz.  I was like WTF so I ordered myself another, downed that too, and still felt nothing.  I was like THIS IS CRAP!!!!!  THIS IS CRAP!!!!!!!!!  Seriously Texans don’t know how to make a good drink because they just put a shitload of sugar in their drinks and think it’s a great drink.  The all-you-can-eat tacos plus margaritas at VAMOS across from my NYC apartment has Tex Mex that’s 2389478927389472323 times better than anything I had in San Antonio.

And the 2 nights that I went out to eat I was still in desperate search for Tex Mex and asked the Pat O’Brien’s hostess if there were any good Tex Mex restaurants she could recommend in the area, and she goes “Tex Mex?  What’s that??”  UGHHHHHHHH I had to get back to NYC ASAP.  I didn’t know what was wrong with this state.  There was no such thing as public transportation, we had to rent a car to get places, I did not see a single convenience store in all of downtown San Antonio, and most importantly, why weren’t there any Chinese delivery boys on bikes riding around the city?!??!??!??!  I was so relieved to get back to NYC and order Tasty King.

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