Saturday 9/11/10

11 Sep

Yesterday = Birfday = Sake Bombitzvah at New Ashiya joint bday party with A and 25 of our closest friends.  It was the best poverexic day ever — the entire day my friends kept buying me free gifts and free food and free booze.  I loves them.  Yesterday was a perfect night that started out with best roommates ever M/L/K gifting me the best new giant purple waterproof vib that I love, followed by SB gifting me a perfect mini Kettle One bottle that we downed prior to all-you-can-eat/all-you-can-drink sake bombing festivities at New Ashiya, my fav place in the world.  I’m not quite sure downing all that vodka before an all-you-can-sake-bombing event was such a smart idea… I was getting more and more blackout throughout the 2-hour dinner which is the point of a birthday and I didn’t even eat that much sushi.

the only plate of sushi I ate

I actually didn’t even think I did as many bombs as I could have until I realized that roommate K who was sitting across from me had been secretly pouring more and more sake into my beer whenever I wasn’t looking throughout the entire night for every bomb I did, and by the last bomb I was literally sitting there with a glass full of clear liquid that I downed thinking it was water but nope it was sake.

This meant I was already pretty blackout by midnight when we were heading over to Arlo & Esme for the after party, which was fun for the first hour until some guy started really obnoxiously dancing up against me.  I’m not sure if it was all the vodka and sake or the fact that it was my birthday and I felt like I could just do whatever the hell I wanted, but the guy was really annoying me so I just turned around and punched him in the face, and then his friend who was a girl freaks out and is like “WHAT THE FUCCCKKK” and was being an annoying cunt so I started a physical fight with both of them in the middle of the dance floor….. oops because 10 minutes later up comes the bouncer and is like “Miss, you need to leave” and apparently the girl was threatening to press charges against me.  Who are these vaginas!!!!!!!!!!!  Luckily I had a party of 20 guys with me who continued the fight for me as the bouncer was pushing me out the door and subsequently pushing the rest of our party out the door, so I guess that was that.  I got kicked out of a bar on my birthday.

In the words of M/L:  WHAT A CHAMPION.

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