Sunday 10/3/10

3 Oct

This weekend was uneventful but somehow I still ended up having the worst hangover of my life today.  I literally couldn’t stomach anything, so I figured this was a perfect day to try that liquid cleanse I had been meaning to do for quite some time now.  I remember during my cross country days in high school coach used to talk about how good liquid cleanses were for you and how you’re supposed to do them like once a month.  Now in retrospect I’m thinking he just wanted all of us to be anorexic.  I wonder what he would think of my Tasty King diet now.

Anyway, so I figured I could try out the liquid cleanse today because I knew Tasty would not be so kind to my stomach on this rough afternoon and I wanted to go gentle on my digestive system.  I think technically you’re supposed to go gradually from thicker liquids to clearer liquids (or vice versa, I dunno), but I didn’t care that much so I decided to just get a power size acai Jamba Juice.  After downing that Jamba I was feeling so great and so healthy and much cleaner than my usually Tasty King Sundays and was really proud of myself… for a total of about 3 hours when I started to get ravenous and couldn’t stand it any longer.

Right when I was going to go get my second Jamba Juice, I hear roommate L talking about tartare and right then and there I decide to drop my liquid cleanse crap.  So, here’s what I had for an early dinner instead:

Steak Tartare

So I guess my liquid cleanse ended up consisting of one Jamba Juice and one huge plate of raw steak tartare and one big glass of red wine.  Fail.  Either way it was stupid of me to attempt in the first place, considering I have to start preparing my stomach for the intense meals that will be K’s wedding festivities this weekend in SF.  Hopefully this week will be a good food week at the office.

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