Monday 10/4/10

4 Oct

Today was AMAAAZZZIIINGGGGGG!!  Dreams really do come true!!!!  I walked into the office today feeling shitty after getting drenched on my morning walk over to the office (the not-so-perks of living awkwardly close to the office where it’s too close not to walk but not close enough to avoid getting shat on by shitty weather), when I discovered the most incred piece of paper I’d ever seen in my entire life — a sign with the magical words:






I nearly had a heart attack.  And I nearly had a second heart attack when I checked my schedule and realized to my horror that I had back-to-back meetings from at 12pm through 2pm.  UGHHHHHH I HATE MY LIFEEEEEEEE.

I immediately ran over to coworker M’s desk (my buddy from my previous agency who is well aware of my poverexic habits… my  new coworkers are gradually catching on) and cried my dilemma to her.  “No worries, I got you covered!” she answered — she’s my fav coworker ever.

I was panicking the entire morning nervous about whether M would actually get me enough food or not.  That’s when I decided, fuck it, I don’t trust other people, I am going to take matters into my own hands.  So I left my 12pm meeting early at 12:45pm feigning that I had to go “prepare for my next call,” casually walked over to the kitchen 15 minutes early to see if perchance the food had come early, AND IT HADDDDDDDDDD.

The taste testing was catered from Food Merchants, an amazing catering place with everything you could imagine.  I grabbed two plates and immediately began piling everything that was laid out on the tables — chicken parmesan, grilled fish with cherry tomatoes and artichoke, rice pilaf, grilled green beans and carrots, roasted potatoes, roast beef with grilled onions, delicious salad with walnuts/craisins/goat cheese, chicken salad sandwich, chocolate covered strawberries, mini cannolis, chocolate mousse, fresh fruit, etc etc etc.

IT WAS AMAZINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!  Ran into coworker M in the kitchen who took one look at my plate and was like, “Guess you got it all covered by yourself!!”  I really did.  I ate one plate for lunch and one plate for dinner, and it was no longer a rainy day.

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