Monday 10/18/10

18 Oct

Client meeting today which can only mean one thing…….. FREE DINNER ON THE CLIENTS!!!!!!!!!  Rather, I actually think it’s free dinner on my company taking my clients out to dinner, but…. minor details.  That was all I was looking forward to all day, and then of course boss T completely forgets about poor hungry A and me and just leaves the office in a cab with the clients WITHOUT US.  WTF!!!!!!!!!!  😦  I had been emailing for like the last hour of the day being like “Ready to head out whenever you are!” “Are you still in your other meeting??” “Let me and A know when you leave!”  UGHHHHHHHH.

And then of course I get an email from boss T a few minutes later being like, “GASP I AM SOOOOO SORRY, I am so out of it today, I just left the office and wasn’t thinking, I am SOOOO sorry, please catch a cab with A and come immediately to Il Matto at Church and White.”

…………………………………. glare.

Anyway, my glare went away and turned into my normal happy squint when I arrived to the delicious Italian restaurant Il Matto.  Restaurant was very cool — they had very Alice-in-Wonderland-esque really trippy round couches that look like those dizzy teacup rides at Disney World which made me really hungry.

A and I sat down and of course bosses and clients are already on their second drink.  I had to catch up quick, so I ordered myself a nice clamato mary which was one of the most beautiful drinks I’d ever had.

Clamato Mary

It was practically an appetizer/soup — so much more substantial than a purely liquid drink!!  Plus we got a ton of appetizers that were incred:

  • Il Matto Cheese selection, parma prosciutto, mustards, homemade jams
  • Baby artichoke crouquettes, saffron sauce burrata and summer truffle
  • Tuna tartar, black olive tapenade, cannelini beans and avocado, topped with fried leeks
  • Pecorino cream brulee, red onion jam balsamic reduction and pane carasau

OMG and this pecorino creme brulee was literally one of the best things ever to hit my mouth.  Creme brulee is my fav dessert of all time, and this was my fav dessert EXCEPT SAVORY = MY NEW FAV APPETIZER OF ALL TIME.

And then for my entree I had black squid ink gnocchi with crabmeat ragout, fried artichokes (love black squid ink):

Black Squid Gnocchi

It looked delicious and tasted pretty good….. the pasta was a bit mushy, but who am I to complain.  It was a great dinner overall with good conversations revolving around bachelorette parties that somehow turned into talk about strippers and blow up dolls and dicksicles and suddenly I found myself frozen in my chair sipping on my clamato mary keeping my mouth shut in fear I’d get too carried away.  Clients are pretty open/close with us, maybe a little too open, and usually it’s ok when they initiate the conversation and get carried away but somehow becomes unclassy and unemployed when the agency folks do it.  So I let my client talk endlessly about her bachelorette party in Miami and kept silent about the multiple bachelorette parties that I had recently planned and kept it classy and finished up the leftover appetizers in silence.  Usually what happens at these client dinners is, the clients keep drinking and I just keep eating, which ultimately ends up working out really well.

In the words of Randy Marsh, SCORE!

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