Tuesday 10/19/10

19 Oct

Got stuck in a 2.5 hr conference call today, which meant I SKIPPED LUNCH. 😦  So angry.  And the meeting started so much earlier than scheduled.  We were supposed to dial in at 2:30pm, and instead we get an email from the client at 1:00pm being like PLEASE DIAL IN NOW!!!!! and then the call lasted until 3:30pm and I couldn’t even leave my desk to get lunch!!! 😦 😦 😦  By the time the call was over, I was just 1.5 hrs away from our company happy hour today at the office so I decided to just suck it up and keep filling myself up on Diet Coke until it was happy hour time.

Happy hour time came and I was so starving that I didn’t even realize how much food I was piling on my plate until I noticed coworkers M and N chuckling and whispering, and I look over and they are talking about my plate.  “Getting a little bit of everything?” they ask.  I look down and I notice that I had literally piled my plate sky high, and gave them the Reddit “FUCK YEA” face.


I got me some strawberries, a stick of pineapple, 3 different kinds of hummus with pita and carrots, half a plate of crackers with cheddar and swiss cheese slices and an entire roll of salami, half a plate of chips (2 different kinds) with fresh salsa and guac, and a full glass of red wine.  I finished all that while talking to coworker M, so I went back and got the same amount of food for plate #2 while chatting it up with boss J.

By then I was pretty done with work for the day but didn’t want people seeing me leaving the office early, so I decided to go out the back entrance.  THANK GOD I DID because as I was walking out the back, I noticed an entire platter of leftover sandwiches from who knows what meeting (how did I miss that all day?!?!?!) so I slipped into the kitchen and grabbed 2 different chicken wraps (1 chicken caesar wrap and 1 buffalo chicken wrap), grabbed some salad in a paper cup, grabbed another Diet Coke, and jetted out the door.

Great dinner ……… and lunch and breakfast.

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