Tuesday 10/26/10

26 Oct

New girl started at our office yesterday, which means I finally have another person under me to push my excess work onto.  More importantly, though, I get an email from boss L on Monday morning being like “Are you busy today??  Can you take the new girl out for a welcome lunch today??”

Ummm YES.  Opulence — I don’t haz it.  Which means I do like savings de money.  A lot.  So when boss L asks me to take A out to lunch on the company’s money, I JUMP IN IT.

I was soooo excited this meant a free lunch for me.  I debated all morning yesterday where I should take A out for lunch — I contemplated Blue Water Grill, Rosa Mexicano, etc…. but I decided to go with Steak Frites since that’s where boss M took me out for my welcome lunch on my first day of work, so it had sentimental value.

I was trying to be healthy to balance out all the candy I’ve been eating lately in preparation for Halloween, so I got their seared tuna and grilled shrimp salad, which was delish:

Steak Frites Salad

I was unfortunately still starving after I finished my salad, so I asked for 2 additional rounds of bread, which did the trick until I got back to the office, and then I helped fill up the rest of my belly with half the office candy jar of Hershey Kisses, Almond Snickers, Twizzlers, Twizzlers Pull ‘n’ Peel, Milky Way, Hershey bars, etc…… for the past several consecutive days my diet has consisted of healthy salad + a pound of candy.  Gotta prepare my sweet tooth for Halloween.

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