Thursday 10/28/10

28 Oct

Went to a Recent Harvard Grads Happy Hour last night because M promised it would be a good time based on the last happy hour that I failed to attend because I thought it would just be a bunch of Class of ’10ers who were way too overly excited to be living in NYC.  But apparently the last happy hour was packed and I missed out on a really good time, so I wasn’t about to do so this time around.  Unfortunately M fell ill with Bieber Fever and decided to stay at home and miss out on the happy hour, so K and I went by ourselves and met up with S who frequents the Club.  I had to have either K or S with me to enter because I had recently deactivated from the Club because why am I paying $300+ in dues when I am poverexic.  I have no idea.  And especially because dues went up to $500+ this year now that we’re 5 years out, I was like fuck that shit.  I don’t need to be a member to get into the Club.  I am perfectly happy being Guest for the next 10 years until I’m actually wealthy enough to afford my own dues.

K/S/I decided to start out with a drink downstairs at the bar, and I realized I had never really explored the Club during my years as a member — I had no idea they had an entire chips/pretzels/crackers bar in the other room next to the bar!!  Fantastic, I hadn’t eaten dinner so this was great.  I helped myself to an entire plate of potato chips, cheetos, doritos, ritz crackers and cheese whiz, thinking this was just an appetizer to warm up for the “reduced-price drinks and light fare” that was promised in the happy hour invite.  I also helped myself to a big dirty martini extra dirty with extra olives just the way I like it since S offered to get it on his tab.  hee hee

Once we got upstairs I was expecting a full on PAR-TAY and instead we get up to the happy hour, and there are literally two other people present, and the host is way too excited to see us because we just more than doubled the party.  “Oh fantastic, welcome, welcome!” and he motions to us as I give M a virtual glare over bbm for hyping up this event.  I had dressed up and put on makeup and put in my contacts and everything for this.  What a fucking waste.  But then he says something after that that brings the twinkle back to my glarey eye: “Our ‘reduced-price drinks’ just got even more reduced to… FREE!”

G-A-S-P.  YES.

I run over to the bar with my half-finished martini and decide to double fist some red wine as I search the entire room for this “light fare” they were talking about.  Um.  Except there were none.  All I saw were the same fucking potato chips and some unsalted peanuts but SANS RITZ/CHEESE WHIZ.  Ugh, they had better food options downstairs.  I mean I’m not complaining about the open bar, but if it was going to be free drinks and negative fare then they should have just said that instead of promising “reduced-price drinks and light fare.”  They probably would have gotten a larger crowd by telling the truth.  By “light fare” I was expecting butler-style hors d’oeuvres like shrimp cocktail shooters and sushi and thick apricot cured ham slices on crostini.  I mean this IS the Harvard Club, not a frat.  What was up with Lays Potato Chips at the H Club.

Anyway K and I were bored and the only guys there so far were ethnic, so we decided to just fully take advantage of the open bar like smart people.  In a few minutes though, more people did show up, but the only good looking guy there was married.  Why does this always happen.  Either way we still had a good time, I must admit, chatting it up with some 04ers and consuming a dirty martini, 4 glasses of red wine and some punch.  I’m not quite sure how I made it home by public transportation after this event, but next thing I know I’m passed out on my roommate’s bed and she is dragging me by the arms being like GET OFF MY FUCKING BED!!

So I guess that happy hour was pretty fun after all.  Next one is November 18… get ready.

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