Sunday 12/5/10

5 Dec

Wednesday was SB’s birthday, which means celebration with the Dallas girls.  It also happened to be the first night of Hanukkah, so I was expecting to go out and eat latkes or something for SB’s bday since all my Dallas friends are Jews, but instead we went to some Chinese restaurant right in the middle of Chinatown that was apparently well known for their peking duck, or as I like to call it, peeking dick.  I was bitter at first since I usually refuse to go to Chinatown since there are very few things I hate in life more than being surrounded by crowds and crowds of real Asians, but SB was a good friend of mine and as hard as it was to admit to myself, this dinner wasn’t about me.  And besides, she was there for my bday at New Ashiya being a responsible friend and making sure I was constantly being fed shots of sake, so I knew I had to return the favor.

As much as I hate Chinatown, this restaurant was pretty good.  Only downside is that it was BYOB except we didn’t know it was BYOB, so we tried to order bottles of wine for the table and just got a silent head shake “no” from the waiter.  Good thing I had gifted SB a bottle of Ciroc for her bday, so she pulled that out of her purse, and since the restaurant didn’t have normal human glasses available, we drank shots of Ciroc the entire night out of Chinese tea cups and then chased them with hot tea.  It worked fine.

So this restaurant had a pretty good dinner deal.  For 5 people you get a peeking dick, plus a soup, egg roll/beef satay/steamed dumpring combo for appetizer, and three full entrees.  It was all awesome.  Here’s an Asian:


Here was our peeking dick:


Peking Duck

And for our entrees we got beef with scallops, general gao’s and green beans with minced pork.


I’ll probably never go back to this restaurant again, but we do still have plans to celebrate the 8 nights of SB’s bday by lighting candles and getting shitfaced at our other favorite Asian restaurant, New Ashiya.  Nes gadol hayah sham!

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