June 19, 2011

19 Jun

On Friday I took a 15 hour nap after work.  I got home around 7pm, immediately passed out on my bed thinking I would just take a 5 hour nap and then go out around midnight, but instead I woke up the next morning at 10am.  Why you say?  Because this past week I went out more days during the week than I had since college.  My host sister from when I was living in Argentina was in town, and I had to show her a good time.  I knew NYC wasn’t going to live up to Buenos Aires for her.  How could it, when in Buenos Aires the way we used to roll was having dinner on the weekends at 1am, pregaming at 3am, going out to the bars/clubs at 4am, then ending our night around 9am by going straight to breakfast in the plaza.  I had pre-warned Argentine sister that here in NYC, people typically come home after a night out around 4am, not go out to start the night around 4am.  She seemed disappointed, but excited to explore NYC.

The week started with the annual Tulane crawfish boil and all-you-can-drink beer at Boat Basin last Saturday.  I had gone to the LSU crawfish boil last year and was curious to compare LSU vs. Tulane — as expected, Tulane’s was better.  I mean, they had crawfish in a canoe — can’t get any better than that.

Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Boil

After finishing off an entire tray of crawfish, corn on the cob, red bliss potatoes and jambalaya, washed down with endless cups of free flowing Abita, S and his Zog Sports friends decided to start a huge flip cup contest in the middle of the crawfest.  I was happy to find out I still hadn’t lost my flip cup touch after all these years, and it was refreshingly amusing to see that some people – like S and S – were shockingly horrible at flip cup (chuckle).  Needless to say we were all pretty shitfaced by the time crawfest was over but I disappointingly didn’t get laid at the end of all this because apparently the 2 guys who were hitting on me the entire day actually had girlfriends.  And they were rugby short.  Why does this keep happening to me.

Anyway, Sunday was Mavs championship day, Monday was recovery day, and Tuesday we all went to Kumo all you can eat sushi/all you can drink beer/sake (replacement New Ashiya location) to introduce my Argentine sister to her first sake bombing experience.  I had forgotten how rough sake bombing is on a weekday but I had about 30 rolls of sushi in my stomach to coat the lining so was feeling pretty great when we went out after sake bombing to a hookah bar, where we smoked about 6 hookahs among 6 people until well past 2am.  I think it was literally the latest I had stayed out on a weekday since Senior Spring.  I’m too old for that now.  Wednesday was pretty chill until I went over to T’s around 1am where I suffered through an awful coke dick experience and he earned his red wings, and Thursday we all went out to E’s birthday party, followed by Spitzer’s where I ran into some fellow Harvard peeps and stayed out much later than my body could physically handle.

After my 15 hour nap on Friday I was feeling completely refreshed and ready for a full-on Fraturday, which is what happened on Saturday when frat boy M came in town from Chicago, as did lover boys B & T.  On Fraturday instead of taking a 15 hour nap, I literally drank with S/M/B/T for 16 hours straight starting at 11:30am for drunk brunch (or, drunch) at City Crab (otherwise known as Shitty Crab) followed by 4 hours of beirut in the middle of the afternoon at Stumble Inn.  My beirut skills were not as up to par as my flip cup skills were, but the incredible thing was that I did spend pretty much the entire Fraturday drinking for free with the boys buying pitcher after pitcher after rounds and rounds of drinks.  Unfortunately S who thinks he epitomizes the concept of “work hard, play hard” actually left the beirut festivities early to go take an afternoon nap and missed out on an incredible Czech dinner in the UES where we got photographed to appear in Wednesday’s New York Post (I guess it was a new restaurant opening).  So to give him crap for that, we all decided to barge into his apartment unannounced post-dinner to throw a pregame there against S’s will.  With a lot of 5-hour energies and loud booming techno music playing against Planet Earth on mute, we pregamed at S’s apartment for about 4 hours before heading out for a night of dancing at Pourhouse and Penny Farthing until 3:30am.  It was like our Chicago frattrip all over again except this time Bear Jew wasn’t with us to get kicked out of three consecutive bars and DFi wasn’t with us to be screaming night terrors in the middle of the night.  Happy Frat Week.

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