Tuesday 3/31

31 Mar

12:43 pm

IM from coworker P:

P (12:16:32 PM): hey
P (12:16:43 PM): so we are ordering lunch again today – but i still have like half of my greek salad from yesterday
P (12:16:49 PM): do you want it? or is that gross bc i ate it
UM.  CLEARLY it is NOT gross.  I WANT.  So I had like an entire Greek salad for lunch today.
3:21 pm
Just got this news alert from WebMD:
Bad News for Bacon Lovers
Seen in recipes and discussed on morning talk shows, bacon seems to be back in a big way. But that’s not such a good thing. Reduced-fat varieties and turkey bacon are definitely better choices. Get the Bottom Line on Bacon
Reduced-fat varities and turkey bacon?!?!  No thanks.  Fuck you, WebMD.
11:05 pm
Isn’t life funny.  I hadn’t had salad in like weeks, and now today I get 2 different people’s leftover Greek salads at 2 different meals.  Went to Uncle Nick’s in midtown west because J was in town – of course I felt obligated to order something even though I clearly didn’t want to because I was with a crowd that I knew for a fact would produce leftovers, but I felt awk being the only one not ordering dinner, so I got myself a plate of Greek fries ($4.50).  Throughout the course of the meal, J/S/D all try to feed me food, and I am just like NO! <<slap>> NO!  <slap>> NO!  <<slap>> I wait until you are so full you want to explode, and then I will eat what you don’t eat.  Finally, after some convincing, at the very end of the meal, J gives me half of her lamb, S gives me an entire hunk of feta cheese soaked in olive oil, and D gives me half of his Greek salad, which, all combined together, gave me the most delicious, filling Greek salad-with-extra-feta-cheese-and-lamb ever.
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