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Monday 5/11

12 May

Well I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again — the greatest thing about working 16 hour days is that I have no guilt whatsoever in expensing dinners and cabs galore.  I mean really.  Anyway, tonight I wanted to cry as I was approaching hour 14 and our office Starbucks machine was broken and our water machine was broken and I mean REALLY!??!?!??!  You’ve got to fucking be kidding me.

So I went and did what I’ve been wanting to do since 3/18 (see entry 3/18) and ordered myself one of those incredible looking steak and pepper sandwiches from Mooncakes that roommate L and I discovered on two months back and have been salivating over ever since.  SO I DID IT I ORDERED IT YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it was the most incredible thing ever.  $7 for this:



My life was complete and I closed the two-month loop and I didn’t even have to pay for it and only expensed the client $7 (plus tax and tip)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was really something.

Wednesday 5/6

6 May



Monday 5/4

4 May

Had delicious Diablo Royale leftovers today for lunch, which consisted of half a Chipotle burger, soggy fries, harded cheese grits, and soggy cinnamon chips.  It was incred, so good.  I had this lunch post 2pm and that usually fills me up for the entire rest of the day, but for some reason I was ravenous when I got home post 8pm.  Luckily kind roommate L gave me his white rice from yesterday’s takeout from Plump Dumpling (or as we like to call it, Prump Dumpring), rival to Tasty King for their dericious (prump) dumpring soup.  I ate all of L’s white rice with glee, but then I started getting worried.  Roommate L has been vomiting his food after nearly every meal for like the past week (though otherwise perfectly fine) — while some may see this as signs of bulimia, I see this as signs of the swine (though in L’s case it is more likely to be a cause of a lifetime of “wine flu”).  I guess we’ll see how I feel tomorrow for cinco de swino.

Sunday 5/3

3 May

Went to Sunday brunch for LP’s birthday today at Diablo Royale.  Good brunch deal of cinammon chips, entree and cheese grits for $11 — I had the Chipotle burger with diablo fries which were really delicious.  Of course I’m always the last to finish my meal, and by finish I mean I’ve only eaten half my burger and half my fries and a bite of my grits, when everyone else at the table is already done with their meal.  I don’t know why I’m so slow at eating considering I grew up in a household where every meal was literally a race because otherwise my dad would eat everything.

Anyway, I digress.  I decide rather than making everyone else watch me finish the rest of my brunch over the next 30 minutes, I should just take it home with me so I have a nice dinner to look forward to.  I ask the waitress for a to-go box and I start to pack up my half burger and fries when the waitress tries to take LP’s full plate of grits away.  AND YOU KNOW HOW MAD I GET WHEN WAITERS DO THAT.

HEY HEY HEY HEY HEY EXCUSE ME I’M TAKING THAT TOO.  And I literally grab it out of her hands and shove the cheese grits into my to-go box.  “Okaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy……..” mumbles the waitress and I see her rolling her eyes out of the corner of my eyes and I am just like BITCH and leave her a shitty tip.  And then I take all the rest of those cinnamon chips with me.

Friday 5/1

1 May

I knew it would be a great week, and I was right — I DID go the entire week without having to buy a single meal myself!  Today for lunch I ate S’s leftover beef pad thai and C’s leftover fried calamari from last Sunday.  I knew I was cutting it close with the expiration date, and especially with my wine flu scare this past week, I made sure I got rid of all potential viruses etc by heating it up super high in the microwave to kill off all harmful germs.  The meal was delicious, and I decided to send S and C a thank-you note:

“i just ate your leftover beef pad thai from last weekend, and C’s calamari, it was really good, thanks”

Immediate response from C:

“that is disgusting.”

Whatever C, whatever.

The Swine

The Swine