Sunday 10/4

4 Oct

As the Tasty King clock continues to tick tock tick tock, today I decided I would branch out and try new things on the menu since I figured it was now or never.

I have always wanted to try their boneless spare ribs since that used to be my favorite thing at the Kong back at Harvard, but I had never ordered it from Tasty because for some reason it’s not on their lunch specials (and I don’t really like to order things that aren’t on the lunch special menu).  I don’t see why it’s not, I don’t think it’s particularly expensive for them or anything.  At the Kong, boneless spare ribs used to be a side option you could get with a combination meal, instead of an egg roll, spring roll or chicken wings, so I didn’t understand why I couldn’t just substitute in spare ribs for the wonton soup at Tasty.

Anyway, today I tried to bargain with them (since a normal order of boneless spare ribs there costs $6.75) and tried to get them to give me the spare ribs at the lunch special price of $5.75.  I think it was a pretty legit argument and especially considering I am one of their most valued customers, I really thought they should have just done me this one tiny favor.  But they didn’t!  I mean what the fuck is that about.

So I paid $6.75 and was mad at them and vowed I would never give Tasty my money again.  Until in the evening I got hungry again and yet again wanted to branch out and try something new and got the sesame chicken (which is exactly the same as General Gao’s but with a few sprinkles of sesame).  I am so weak.

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