Tuesday 4/20/10

20 Apr

O-M-G.  This is what this day does to you.


Friend M who’s not a huge fan of red meat told me over the weekend that she nearly threw up in her mouth when she saw my other tartare blog entries.  I don’t know what she’s talking about — this all just looks and tastes like pure heaven to me.  She will no doubt ralph over this one, but probably not as badly as roommate L did the other day after inhaling like a pound of steak by himself followed by Tasty King, all in one sitting.  (I was so angry at him for wasting all that food into the toilet.)


Tonight for dinner we finished 2 lbs of filet mignon over LOST, and then we had to pause the DVR to run out to the grocery store around the corner to get another 2 lbs of filet mignon for GLEE.  Which means that today, each of us at this apartment had 1 lb each of raw steak, diced up jalapenos, cornichon, shallots, mushrooms, garlic and several raw egg yolks.

I’ve been sick all week but now I magically feel 100% BETTER HOORAY!!!

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