Sunday 4/25/10

25 Apr

It was twins M & L’s bday on Friday, and you know what that means…


We started out Friday night with a surprise roommate dinner at La Zarza, which is this incred restaurant full of Argentine meats of every delicious part of the cow.  So we started out with a a pitcher of blackberry sangria and long island ice teas, bread with tomato spread, a beet salad and a meat sampler plate of lamb chop, steak, sweetbreads, chorizo and blood sausage.  Then on to the main dish: roommate K and I both got the bife de lomo medium rare, roommate M got rack of lamb and roommate L got the seafood paella.  Let me just say, this was the best bife de lomo I’d had since I was in Buenos Aires in 2005.

Bife de Lomo

I of course literally licked my plate clean, and luckily roommate K whose stomach is the size of a 5-year-old only finishes like 2/3 of her plate as usual.  Roommate M and L were too wasted to notice, so I quickly swooped in and grabbed the last 1/3 of her filet mignon before anyone else could get to it.  Then the waitress who was like in love with roommate L and flirting with him the entire dinner (like when L asked her if the big wooden spoon in our sangria pitcher was “a spoon or a stick” and she goes “depends if you’re naughty” …….derrr) comped us a molten lava cake for their birthday.

Volcano Cake

The fun continued through Friday night when we celebrated M/L’s real birthday at our fav place New Ashiya with a huge crowd for all you can eat sushi and all you can drink sake/beer.

New Ashiya

New Ashiya is always a recipe for disaster (or for WINNING) and it all went downhill in an awesome way when roommate L ran to the bathroom mid-dinner to puke up his 30 rolls of sushi, which I was deeply upset at him for, and then subsequently decided to do a reverse sake bomb.  That’s right.  A reverse sake bomb.  That means a tiny sake bomb cup of beer dropped into a huge beer cup of sake.  That was a mistake.

Reverse Sake Bomb

Needless to say, M & L’s nights ended very well that night with two successful juices literally immediately followed by two successful blackouts.  YATTA!!!

After sleeping through the majority of Sunday accompanied by our usual Sunday afternoon sounds of ralphing coming from our bathroom, roommates and I decided to go for one last tiny celebration with the most adorable cupcake cake from Whole Foods.  A cupcake cake!!!  It’s so Alice-in-Wonderland.

Cupcake Cake

A very delightful birthday weekend — Happy Birthday M & L!!!

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