Sunday 5/2/10

2 May

Finally some 80+ degree weather this weekend, and you know what that means — DAY DRINKING!  We celebrated L’s birthday yesterday with brunch at Sunburnt Cow: $18 for choice of brunch food plus all you can drink Moomoosas or Moo Marys.  So I got their famous hamburger medium rare with cheese, lettuce, tomato, EGG, BACON, RED BEETS AND GRILLED PINEAPPLES!!!!!!!!!

Sunburnt Cow Burger

It was absolutely incred, but what was more incred were the 4 moo marys I chugged down my burger with while W was trying to cure her hangover with bottomless moomoosas and a cup of coffee…


Huh?  Derrr… Well that’s something you don’t see every day.  Hot scalding coffee in a glass cup with a plastic condiment container of milk and a thin straw to drink out of…

The brunch was super dericious, I snagged W’s leftover pieces of toast and salad, C’s leftover bits of buttermilk banana pancake, and I had a nice buzz going from my moo marys.  And then!!!  As if the brunch couldn’t get any better, kind generous birthday girl L decides to pick up the entire tab for us.




We then spent the rest of the afternoon drinking beers all day (and V’s gay), and then I proceeded to take a very satisfying nap from 5pm-10pm before heading out for the night.

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