Sunday 8/8/10

8 Aug

This weekend was full of birthdays.  Friday was S’s bday at Mari Vanna, a truly authentic Russian restaurant with non-English-speaking Russian prostitutes wearing the shortest dresses made by man as waitresses and the most impressive infused vodka list I’d ever seen.  This is S’s new fav restaurant, and apparently leading up to his bday dinner he had already been to Mari Vanna twice that week, including the day before his bday dinner.  Best item on the menu: caviar.  Best thing about the caviar: it comes in one of those Russian babushka dolls. O-M-GGGGGGG

Babushka Caviar

So clever.  I hearted.  And the caviar with blinis were delish.  S let me have one.

Smoke salmon, caviar and blini

After this expensive appetizer, I ordered myself a pear martini made with pear infused vodka and blended pear, and chicken kiev for dinner, which was incred.  You cut into the chicken and out spurts an entire melted stick of pesto butter (that’s what she said).  It was the most anti-poverexic dinner I had ever been to in my entire life.

Chicken Kiev

In comparison to S’s caviar/blinis, C’s beef stroganoff, E’s stuffed cabbage and my/F’s chicken kiev, this is what D gets:

Wieners and potatoes

Just look at that.  Can’t help but laugh.

After this incredibly delicious yet painfully expensive meal, we decided to go out in Gramercy, which was like kill yourself because every bar in Gramercy is just filled with a bunch of Murray Hill people who decide they want to get crazy and get out of Murray Hill for a night and “explore another neighborhood.”  I actually, though, surprisingly had a good time at Black Bear Lodge playing games and getting all my drinks for free and shotgunning PBRs… actually shotgunning PBRs not so fun after I thought I was going to die after my first one and then wanted to continue dying when the guys kept buying bucket after bucket after bucket of ice cold PBRs.

This night followed by Saturday night of A’s bday at Piano’s with free drink tickets from the VJ and all-night techno dancing really destroyed me for Sunday afternoon.  Tasty King preassseeeeee.

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