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Friday 4/17

18 Apr

DAY 6. AMAZING DAY 6.  We had a caterer taste testing and they just had the most amazing foods!!!!!!!  Beet salad!!!!!! I DON’T EVEN LIKE BEETS BUT THIS WAS INCREDDDD!!!!!! Pastaaaa chickennn roast beeefffff roasted veggiessss mini sandwichessssss AND REALLY DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE MOUSSEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  This was a dream come true, this was more food than I had seen since Thanksgiving 2 years ago.  I feel like I don’t even need to order Tasty King tomorrow – that was enough food to last me through the entire weekend!!!  SUCCESS.

Thursday 4/16

16 Apr

Day 5.  Ate roommate G’s FriendHouse leftovers today for lunch.  I mixed in the scoops of leftover fried rice with the other thing of leftover white rice, then poured some soy sauce, and it was like I had an entire bowl of all-fried rice — brilliant!  Then, I found some leftover salad in the cafe, and coworker P brought me half a cupcake.  Just one more day left to go.  I can do it!  (Because I still have that leftover Lenny’s sandwich from yesterday that I was going to eat today but didn’t so can have it for lunch tomorrow.)

10:07 pm

I WAS SO HUNGRY BY THE TIME 30 ROCK STARTED.  but I just sucked it up because I knew I’d just go to bed right afterwards to sleep the hunger away.  BUT THEN! ROOMMATE G COMES TO THE RESCUE YET AGAIN!!!  As per the usual he orders a shitload of Chinese food, and then by the end of 30 Rock, he just hands me his white rice and leftover pieces of veggies.  My eyes light up and I am like G YOU ANGEL!!!  And he explains, I hate mushrooms — you have them.  GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’ve discovered something wonderful.

Wednesday 4/15

15 Apr

2:35 pm

Fourth consecutive day scoring free food.  Grabbed a leftover delicious looking sandwich from Lenny’s, pasta, a tomato mozarella salad, and a huge brownie.  Saving the sandwich for tomorrow.

10:09 pm

Roommate G ordered from FriendHouse an hour ago.  I had been watching him like a hawk and I just know he’s not going to finish everything.  It’s been an hour.  We’ve been caught up in Lost, except while keeping one eye on the TV, I’ve kept the other eye on his leftover fried rice during this entire hour.  The minute Lost is over (WHAT FARADAY!!!) G gets up from the couch, “Yo do you want–


… yesssssssss!

Tuesday 4/14

14 Apr

Third consecutive day without spending a single penny of my own money on food.  (Easter brunch on Sunday from K’s parents, meeting leftovers and Mexican food yesterday from coworker A, the leftover ham wrap from yesterday along with even more meeting leftovers – pasta, a tuna sandwich, fruit and veggies – today.)  My goal this week is to go 6 consecutive days without spending my own cash on food.  Then, on Saturday, I will treat myself to Tasty King beef and broccoli lunch special with pork fried rice and wonton soup for $5.50.

Monday 4/13

14 Apr

Today was full of free food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So many meetings going on today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Coworker P brought me some leftover Easter brunch food from Sunday (some delicious bread type thing).  Then for lunch, I scored an entire plate of pasta, asparagus and chicken from meeting leftovers, then grabbed a ham wrap and saved it for tomorrow.  THEN!!!!!!  I stayed so late at work that my manager took me out for Mexican food, where I helped myself to plenty of chips and guac and sangria.  (I didn’t actually order a meal for myself because I knew A would leave leftovers — so I eventually had the rest of her quesadillas.)

Sunday 4/12

12 Apr

Happy Eastover!  While Passover > Easter, when it comes to food, Easter > Passover.  Easter may actually be the best season for chocolates: chocolate bunnies, Peeps, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, Easter eggs full of candy, so many delicious candies.

Today I went to the most incredible Easter brunch ever with K who as in town with her parents.  I really heart her parents.  We went to the Modern, and in the spirit of spring and Easter, I wore my Sunday dress (ie, black tube dress) and pink sandals in 30-degree NYC weather.  April is still the cruellest month.

The four-course brunch was everything I’d ever dreamed of from watching seasons and seasons of Top Chef:

  • Wine and champagne
  • Amuse-bouche: cucumber pate in a salmon sauce with salmon roe
  • Appetizer: lobster salad
  • Fish dish: seared scallops
  • Meat dish: lamb
  • Dessert: chocolate mousse

AND!  At the end we got these huge white chocolate eggs splashed with glittery colors — it was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, and when you cracked it open, it gave birth to delicious almonds covered in chocolate and then covered in powdered sugar.

JC, thanks for ressurecting on this day and giving us the gift of delicious chocolate bunnies and eggs, lamb, wine, and a metaphorical storyline for Lost.

Friday 4/10

10 Apr

Convo with roommate L:

9:33 AM L: you would have been very proud of me last night
9:36 AM me: tell me!
9:37 AM L: well
G and his woman ordered from tasty king last night
9:38 AM L: and i looked over and noticed that there was no way they were going to finish their food
L: so I watch in horror as G takes everything and puts it in the bag, and begins to walk over to the door to throw it out
L: so I go “WHOAAAAAAA, what the hell are you doing”
9:39 AM and he goes “what, theres nothing good left in here”
L: and I was like “you have a huge things of veggies in that container”
and he was like “yeah, but theres no beef left”
L: and I said “All I have to do is buy some brown rice, throw it in there, and L and I can have dinner tomorrow night for free”
so I saved it
9:40 AM and now we have dinner
me: GASP
L: hurray!!!!!!
me: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
G throws so much food away and he doesn’t even realize it 😦
L: its redic
i dont think ive ever throw out food
9:41 AM me: me neither
L: i will make myself very uncomfortable before I do that
me: same here
9:42 AM i am glad we are on the same wavelength about this

Thursday 4/9

9 Apr


MatzoHeart Passover.




Heart Easter.

Wednesday 4/8

8 Apr

Chag sameach!!!  Passover is a poverexic girl’s best friend — people around you not being able to eat anything leaven, coworkers bringing in matzo treats, it’s great.

This morning started out wonderful when office services laid out an entire array of cereals for us for breakfast — Smart Start, Wheaties, some really good cereal with berries, some other really good cereal with cinnamon apples, some peanut butter puff thing, and Coo-ooooookie Crips.  Then, circa 2:30pm, I ate a nice healthy lunch of sandwich, pasta and mozzarella salad (which I had successfully hoarded yesterday).

The best part came in the evening — everyone was wrapping up their work, when some mysterious Santa puts out leftover pizza, bagels and a bunch of other leaven foods.  I ran to the kitchen with my equally excited Jewish coworker, and then to her dismay, she realized what day it was muahahahaha <<evil laughter>> HAMAN BOOOOOOOOO.  So I grabbed the leftover pizza slice, a bagel, a double chocolate chip muffin and other non-matzo yeast-filled foods.

Good thing the Jews had to flee so quickly they had no time to leaven the bread — I thank you for providing me with food today.  Mazel tov!

Tuesday 4/7

7 Apr

I woke up beaming today because my managers were going to take me out to lunch at my fav Soho restaurant, the Cupping Room.  Boy oh boy, I just couldn’t wait, and I even held off on my usual 6 cups of coffee this morning to leave plenty of room for a biiig lunch.  When we get there, there’s literally like one other table seated.  We’re seated right away, we order right away (we were a hungry bunch), and THEN IT LITERALLY TOOK 45 FRIGGEN MINUTES FOR THE FOOD TO COME!!!!!!!!  I mean, really!??!?!  There were literally like 2 or 3 other tables in the entire restaurant and I don’t know if the kitchen staff was jerking off or what but this wait was abolutely unacceptable, I mean we fucking have work to get back to jesus christ.  So we started doing some serious complaining and as PR women we really always get our way because we’re firm and aggressive yet we’re really pretty and nice so people listen to us.  Result: we got the waiter to promise us free dessert, yesssss.  While pacing myself through my medium rare burger with roquefort and fries, I’m carefully leaving my dessert compartment wide open for the free dessert that’s about to come.  I clean my plate, literally, and then we’re having a really hard time deciding between the free brownie with ice cream and the free flourless chocolate cake with ice cream, so we convince the waiter to bring us both desserts for free.  This was quite the incredible free meal.